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If I change a plan without data, can I use my unused data and perks in the next cycle?

My actual plan with 1 Go data. I want to change the plan without data. I wonder if I can use the unused data and perks in the next cycle? Thanks.



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Hi Jin,

Yes you can continue to use your unused data and perks until they expire.

Your plan data will rollover for up to 2 months. After 2 months, if it is still unused, it will expire.

Keep in mind that every time you make a plan change, your renewal will be charged at the current price. So if you have an older grand fathered plan, you will lose the old plan pricing. Also if you change to a plan without data, keep in mind you will no longer be able to participate in data gifting (unless it's a gifted perk).

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Yes, you can use the roll-over datas that you still have into your account until their expiration date and the perks of data you have too (until their expiration too).