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Text not sending even with unlimited text plan?

Hi, all of my text messages are not sending since yesterday even with my unlimited plan. I have tried wifi, no wifi...I am homelike always, and now it no longer works. I have a samsung android phone. Please help?



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Hello Nathy,
let me try to help you. It's quite a strange problem. However, I found this, and it may help you:
"In the settings part of your texting app, check to make sure the phone number for the SMS service centre is listed as +14385200092. If it is, and other parts of your service are working, you'll have to contact Fizz customer service to have them look into it from their side of things."

Have you the below settings correctly configured:
Fizz APN settings are: APN:
MMS proxy:
MMS port: 80
APN type: default,mms,supl
Other fields should be filled by default; if empty, they are not mandatory.

Steps to follow for configuring the APN can vary from one phone to another. example:

Android: Settings → Connections → Mobile networks → Access Point Names → APN

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Nathy did you try with 1 before the number? Do you have an IPhone? If yes disable IMessage and try again...
When using iMessage, you will be able to use this service only when you have wifi or mobile data.

In this case, please enable the "Send as SMS" option to allow you to use SMS when iMessage is not available.

Nathy or check if everything is ok with your fizz account.
If nothing help try to reach fizz Chat with Fizz.
To chat without problem:
First, connect you to your fizz account.
Then contact them at:
Wait a few seconds to see the green chat bubble down to the right of the page.
When you see it, click on it.
Your chat session begins with Fizz
Please, desactivate the ad blocker on your browser.
Or you can send a message on messenger

Do you have an error?

Did you try to reboot the phone?

Make sure your phone is correctly configured for the Short Message Service Center (SMSC).

The number configured in your phone must be: 1-438-520-0092.

The process can vary from one phone model to another. Here are two examples:

Verification on Android: Applications → Touch the Messaging icon → Context Menu (the three points at the top of the screen) → Settings → More Settings → Text Messages



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Haha Raphael, I thought the same thing when I saw Lieux's answer! Nathy, make sure you install the settings that was sent from Fizz when your service started. Mike gave you instruction to check.

Hello Nathy,

I took a look at your account and I see you were able to contact us regarding this and provided us the necessary information. One of my colleagues has already escalated this to our technical department and the situation is currently ongoing verifications, so that we may come up with a resolution right away.

If needed, rest assured you can reach out to us on the same conversation so we can provide further assistance.

Thank you so much for your understanding and patience.
Have a lovely day,