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Can't add a new contact to gift a perk

I wanna gift some gigs I won't use, but I am not able to add a new contact via "Manage my Fizz contacts". How can I gift it without being able to do so? It's very annoying. I tried to add several phone numbers of people who asked me to send them data, but it doesn't work. Any idea what to do?

Hi Andrej

Unfortunately Fizz had to disable the search contact option for now, likely to investigate this problem:

We'll have to wait for Fizz to reactivate it.

Meanwhile you can still gift data from your plan to other Fizz members.
Go to My Plans → Click gift from the account → Start Gifting -> Gift to a new fried
Enter the phone number or email This will open the gifting tool, it is preferable to use the phone number

  • Select the amount of data you wish to gift and click Next.
  • Customize a message to the recipient and click Send.
  • .
    If you have enough data from your current month, you can put the perks in your account, and gift the data from your plan

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Well, I did it, but now it doesn't look like a great decision. I wanted to gift perks that are about to expire in a month (for people who need data now, cuz I don't) not new data from my current plan that I could transfer in the next 2 months if I didn't use it.

Why Fizz did it? He gave us 6 x 1GB and then cancelled the option to gift it to someone? Seems super lame tbh.


I am sure the decision to disable the add contacts function was not taken lightly.

In the meantime, we can continue to gift mobile data from our plan (by phone number, email and even referral code now). I think Fizz is being careful to guard our personal info.