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Pay for 30/10 internet. Barely get 10?

Paid for 30/10 internet and I get barely 10mbps



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Hi Mike

Here we are users, we can only give suggestions from the information that we have from the guides and our personal experience.

Did you test it with the Fizz App?

Did you try to reboot the modem?

Can you try the speed with a computer connected to the modem with the ethernet cable?

It can also that the signal is weak

Try to disable the band steering this can help

This change can also be applied through the Wi-Fi modem user interface:

1. Log in at: from the web browser of any device.
2. Log in using the following information:
Username: cusadmin
Password: xxxxxxxx (Password you chose during initial setup)
3. Go to the next section to apply changes:

Wireless → General Settings → 5GHz → Band Steering (Disable)

Also try to change channel

A series of channels are available on each frequency (2.4 and 5 GHz) of your Wi-Fi modem. Interference can have an impact on these channels.
Manually changing the channels used for your Wi-Fi connection can improve your modem’s signal.

You can use an app to analyze the nearby wifi signal, and pick the channel with lower signal of nearby wifi signal.

Wireless → General Settings → 5 GHz → Wireless channel

And also for the 2,4Ghz

Wireless → General Settings → 2.4 GHz → Wireless channel


You can also contact customer support by chat

1- Click on this link:
2- The green chat bubble with the ? should appear after a few seconds in the bottom right corner.
3- Click on it, and select chat if available, or any other option

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My account is Account ID : 87493181

Hello Mike,

Sorry for the situation encountered.
I have verified and see that you've managed to contact us on Live Chat and one of my colleagues helped you further with this situation.
Please reach us back if you have any other questions. You can contact us any time at

Thank you, have a great day!