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How can I disable voice mail at all ?

Holla amigos,

I cancel all calls divert ( ##21# ) but voice mail still active.
How can I deactivate it forever ?

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Hi Kokoboko

One option is to remove it from your mobile plan. However note that the change is effective after your renewal date. Also this is considered to be a plan change and you will pay the current plan pricing.

For an immediate solution, you can forward your calls to an nonexistent phone number:
Something like "+11111111111"

More info on call forwarding here:

Thank you friends.
Next plan is setup forever with no voice mail.
The worst is that "Cancel All Diverts" doesn't work and keep my voice mail active against my choice to disable it.
A customer should be able to have an active voice mail and use or not this option based on activation codes. Here is by default active and ##21# has no effect. This has to be fixed by Fizz.

Kokoboko, unfortunately I believe voicemail works the same way with every Canadian mobile provider.

At least Fizz provides the option to remove it from your plan. In the meantime, there is the call forward to an invalid number workaround.



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if you don't need this service, it would be best to cancel it in your package 48 hours before the renewal date



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You can change your Fizz mobile plan and withdraw the voicemail.
Just think if it's a good move just because there is in increase on all actual Fizz mobile plans