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Fizz just increased their prices

Fizz just increased their prices for internet and mobile.
Source: Reddit

1 GB $5 --> **$6**

2 GB $8 --> **$11**

4 GB $15 --> **$16**

14 GB, 16 GB and 18 GB --> No longer available

Fizz Home Internet

$35 --> $37 10/1.5

$40 --> $42 15/10

$45 --> $47 30/10

$50 --> $52 60/10

$60 --> $62 120/20

$77 --> $75 200/30

200Mb is down 2$

Honestly Fizz, I think it’s a bad move that you did not do it in a transparent manner but rather through the back door. If you increase your prices, announce it for everybody to see.
If they continue like that, they will loose their competitiveness.



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I agree with StefanM, a bit more of transparency is always good but I also think that a price increase is “physiological” in order to guarantee a good service.

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Hey Gabriel,

Sure but especially their internet prices? I mean I have an old contract so it’s fine but the prices they are charging for the internet now are not that competitive. Fido for instance is cheaper.

Hi StefanM

I do not understand, this will increase the new contract, why you need to be informed?
Which company publicized their change in price? They will communicate to you, only if the price affects your actual plan, and they must inform you at least 30 days in advance.

When they introduce the 50$ reference credit, they will inform us in advance?

Till today they increase only one time the price to the actual customers, and the change was announced with months in advance, and only for the customers with the stabilization price, but that they subscribed after the april 12 2019