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Transfer phone number from Rogers to Fizz

Why my phone number cannot be transferred toFizz? I have this number for 15 years. I entered correctly the IMEI + my contract number and nothing happens. Thx



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Hi Lilian

Have you read this FAQ from Fizz:

Only numbers from the Fizz subscription area can be transferred to Fizz. If your number starts with an area code outside the subscription area, your number cannot be transferred.

BTW if you're a new customer, Fizz is giving $50 bonus referral credit (until January 6 2021).

If you need a referral code, there is a list here:
You can choose mine or the code of someone who has helped you. =)
To be transparent, both parties will receive the bonus credit once you have paid your second bill.

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Hi Lilian

This is the guide

This is a possible cause

When you activate your SIM card and request to transfer your number over to Fizz, your current provider will send you by text a transfer authorization request to confirm your wish to transfer this number. Failure to answer this authorization request, or if the request is denied, means that your transfer request was cancelled. You must then submit a new request using the link found in the notification posted in your Fizz account or pursue your Fizz activation by choosing a new number.

Only the Quebec and the Ottawa region numberS can be transfer

And he must live in the subscription area

Or it can be a problem with your browser, try to use it in private mode

You can also contact customer support by chat

1- Click on this link:
2- The green chat bubble with the ? should appear after a few seconds in the bottom right corner.
3- Click on it, and select chat if available, or any other option



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Hello Lilian,

Thank you for posting your inquiry on the community hub.
Having a look into your account I could see that you haven't accepted the transfer challenge sent from our end to your current carrier. Therefore, you will have to try again and make sure you follow all the steps Mike and Fizzy provided.
If you are not able to redo the transfer from your end, please follow Mike and Fizzy's steps to reach out to our support department.

Happy Holidays.