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Cancel Internet, but add Mobile forfait

Hi there!

Since I'm moving out of my current apartment and back to my parents for a short while, I won't be needing my router anymore so maybe I could transfer this account to my roommates. If so, I'm not sure how or if that's even possible.

Also, I want to cancel my Fido plan and get a new mobile plan with Fizz. Thing is, my email address is linked to my existing internet plan with Fizz...

so basically, should I just keep my router for the time being and wait to go back into appartment again (which should be in 3-4 months or so) and add the mobile plan to my existing Fizz account? Or transfer everything to my roommates and create a new account?

Thanks for the help :-)

PS: I could also get to keep all the points from this existing account, which I'm certainly not opposed to lol



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Hello Lisa,

Thank you so much for your message.

I kindly wish to inform you that it's not possible to transfer a plan between accounts, as you can also see on our FAQ: In this case, if for example you wish to keep the current points and not unsubscribe, you can follow Fizzy's advice to keep the plan active during these 3-4 months.

We advise however that for this time being, your payment method to not attached anymore to the plan. For all the necessary information on updating a payment method and setting it as default for the plan, you can take a look at our page:

Regarding transferring a mobile line as well, it is certainly up to you if you wish to do this on your existing account and gain more points thanks to our rewards program, by having multiple active plans on the account. Or, create a new account and transfer the line there during the activation process of the sim. All the necessary information on transferring a line to us, can be found here:

Thank you and I wish you a lovely evening,

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Hi Lisa

For a new mobile plan, you should definitely create a new account and apply your referral code upon activation. Both accounts will benefit with $50 credit after your second payment.

Keep the internet account active. It is up to you if you want to continue paying with your card or your roommates card until you are ready to use the service again.

p.s. For the new account, you will need to use another email or if you are using a service like gmail, you can use an email alias. For example, if your email is, you can use for a new account and all the emails will show up in the same inbox.

I Lisa,
I agree with Fizzy.
Best thing for you to do is to create a new account for your mobile and using your actual referral code, get the 50$ bonus twice (if you activate before January 6th).
Also, you can get a Fizz SIM card for free with the Couche-Tard apps (until January 4th) at a participating Couche-Tard. You may want to call ahead to make sure they have one in store for you.

it's probable better if you get a mobile plan on your account and cancel your internet. Your roomate just have to order a fizz internet plan on his own. Transfering stuff is always opennng windows for error or mistake.

Hi, Lisa,

You cant transfert to someone else your Fizz internet plan.
If you dont use it, cancel it online and print the return number form and return the modem in the 15 next days if you dont want to be charged 150$+ tx for it.
If you want to get a new mobile plan from Fizz and apply the referral code from a Fizz friend to get a rebate of 50$ if you activate it before january 6th after paying the second month,
you are better to open a new Fizz account with a another email adress,
Then, order a sim card online or buy one directly at a Depanneur Couche-Tard near you.
Dont forget to apply the referral code just after when you see the cost of your plan before the taxes.
If you need a referral code, i will be pleased if you are choosing mine.