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Price not changing in plan

I tried changing my plan for the next month by removing my data by the price doesn't change. For 1Gb of data it was 27$ and when I remove it is still 27$. Is this some kind of mistake because my friend has the same plan as me with no data and is paying 22$ with tax included. (I checked other options like international calls to see if I accidently added them but this is not the case, both plans are identical except for the fact one has 1Gb of data yet the prices are still the same)


Bad news Fizz increased the prices for the Quebec coverage, therefore, if you change your plan you will pay the new price

Therefore, you are better off to leave it like that.

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I think it's since today because two days ago when I looked at the cheapest package it was 10$ now it's 15$. Fizz did this because they knew that many people were going to remove their internet data with their 5g of gifts.