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Does Fizz modem offer PoE functionnality for VoIP phone?

I'm considering to have a VoIP phone and some phone sold can use PoE to power them. Does the Fizz modem offer this possibility?

Hi vgStef

The modem does not support PoE, I read the manual and the datasheet.

I never saw a modem with PoE, I only saw switches but they are around 100$ and more.

If your phone does not have a power supply you can always buy a PoE injector they are around 25$ if you have only one phone.
If you have multiple phones, you can look for a switch, attention, the soho switch usually have only some ports PoE

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Hi vgStef

To connect a series of PoE devices to your network, you will need a PoE Switch; which automatically recognises if a connected device requires PoE, and supplies power to them.

Alternatively, if you need to connect a device via PoE, but don’t want to pay for a switch with more ports than you know what to do with, you can power your devices through a PoE injector.

There is no mention of support for PoE in the Fizz modem manual

You can always contact Fizz support to confirm.