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I ordered a sim card but i never got it what can I do in this case?

I ordered a sim card and it says it got delivered but I never received it.



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You need to contact the support, normaly they will ask you to buy a new one and ask a refund after the activation

But first off all check the status

You can see the status of all your Fizz orders in your Order history.

1- Log into your account and go to My profile.
2- Click on Order history / See details.
3- Click on the shipping number to see on the carrier’s website the details of your delivery.
4- If there’s any inconsistency with the delivery information you see, contact the carrier directly.
5- If the carrier cannot help you, contact us using the chat bubble located in the lower right-hand corner of this FAQ during our business hours so we can open a ticket for this issue.


You can contact Fizz support by chat, from 8 AM to 9 PM everyday:

1- Connect to your Fizz account by clicking « Login » in the top right corner at
2- Click on this link:
3- The green chat bubble should appear after a few seconds in the bottom right corner.

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Your sim was probably stolen. You have to order a new sim, activate it and contact customer service for reimbursement of the stolen sim.
You can buy a sim card in one of the participating Couche Tard to avoid the situation you had. Call there before you go and ask if they have it in stock.



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Hi Eirilena,
Your card was probably lost or stolen, this happens quite often it seems.
Order another card or get one at Couche-tard.
Once the new card is activated, you can ask Fizz a refund for the first one. There should not be any problem.

Hi Eirilena, you're not the only one...We had the same situation.

I just contacted Customer Service and they told me that once I buy a new SIM card and activate it, I could contact them to get the refund.

I will just go to Couch-Tard and buy it on the spot. Don't want to waste time waiting for a package that never comes...

Hello Eirilena,

Apologies for the situation that you've encountered.
Checking your account I could see that the SIM was indeed delivered to your address.
If you haven't received it, please follow Mike's and other member's steps and order or buy a new SIM.
In the meantime, I will ask our dedicated team to refund you for the one that you haven't received.

Thank you for your understanding.
Have a good one!
Nicolae Bogdan