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Why am I experiencing internet lags and extreme loading delays?

I was at 30mbps download speed and experienced lags on my laptop, apple TV and mobile when streaming.
I've upgraded to 60mbps and still experiencing lags and delays.
I've conducted a speed test and I'm showing a 6.84mbps - why am I not getting the 60mbps? I understand peak periods and such, but this is a persistent problem throughout the day. Please help :(



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Hi Darren

Sorry to hear you are having internet issues. When we subscribe to an internet plan such as 60Mbps, this is the total available bandwidth and everyone using the same internet has to share it.

Are you connected to the modem by wifi or ethernet cable?

When we are using wifi, there are many factors (including physical distance, interference from nearby devices and even neighbors, etc) which can affect downloading.

The optimal method to test your internet is to restart your modem and connect only your device directly to the modem (via ethernet cable). If you have already tried this setup, please report your findings.

Additional tips can be found in these FAQs from Fizz:

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Darren read those helpful guide. Try to disable the bands .

If you still have problem reach fizz Chat with Fizz.
To chat without problem:
First, connect you to your fizz account.
Then contact them at:
Wait a few seconds to see the green chat bubble down to the right of the page.
When you see it, click on it.
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Or you can send a message on messenger

I suppose you are using the wifi?

Try doing a speed test with an ethernet connection.

I had drop and delays the first 2 weeks but been fine since then. Ttry a factory reset on the modem I think that is what worked for me.

Hello Darren,

Apologies for the situation that you are experiencing.
I suggest you reach out to our support where they can start a diagnose on this and provide you a solution.

Our contact methods can be found on the following FAQ, you need to be connected into your account and click on Help, which is on mid-right of your screen, then click on Contact Us, or simply click on the link I've provided.

Keep in mind that the answer on Facebook messenger is not in real-time and a delay can be between your question and our answer, that is why I suggest you contact us by chat for a better resolution in realtime.

In the meantime, as a suggestion, you can try out the steps and the FAQs other members provided.

Have a good one!
Nicolae Bogdan