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Hello! I am thinking about unsubscribing from Fizz because the subscription area and coverage areas are NOT enough for my lifestyle. I need to change providers, but I would like to keep my number - if I go to the new provider, can they unsubscribe for me or do I need to physically click unsubscribe before going to someone else? I have also JUST made a monthly payment, so I am wondering if I'm only 5 days into the monthly cycle if they would refund me? Thanks Community!



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Yes you can you need to follow the procedure, DO NOT CLOSE

To keep your phone number at a new provider, first and foremost, DO NOT cancel your current Fizz service — only active phone numbers can be transferred to a new provider.

The process is simple: tell your new provider that you intend to keep your number. Your new provider will contact Fizz to disable your Fizz plan. The cancellation will only come into effect after your new provider has retrieved your phone number.

Your new provider will ask you to identify your Fizz plan to confirm your number transfer. Before you call your new provider, have the following information handy:

Your Fizz account number: To find your account number, go to My Plan, then go in Manage. Beneath your telephone number you’ll see your 8 digits account ID starting by 2...


The IMEI number for the last phone you used with your Fizz plan: This is your phone’s identity card; it also allows us to identify your plan. Your IMEI number can be found by dialing *#06# in your phone’s keypad.


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Helle Hannah. Sorry for you. If you want to keep your number you NEED to keep your Fizz active. But you don’t need to do anything execpt to find another provider and they will do the transfer for your number. And will Fizz there is no refund because it’s prepaid but you will have time to do your transfer to another company.

Hi Hannah

Yes you can keep your number if you go to another provider. You will need to give your new provider your phone number, Fizz mobile account number and your name as registered on Fizz account. Your Fizz account must also be kept active during the transfer process which can take a couple of days if there are any issues. I would suggest to transfer 2 or 3 days before your next billing cycle begins. Or if you find a sale elsewhere, you may jump on it.

The phone number transfer is the same for all Canadian providers. Once the transfer is complete, your Fizz mobile plan will be unsubscribed automatically. Do NOT unsubscribe on your own as this can cause the transfer to fail. As with all prepaid providers including Fizz, there are no refunds granted.

I am curious though why you say the subscription and coverage areas are not enough for your lifestyle. The restriction for using Fizz is that the majority of your usage must be in the subscription area (Quebec and greater Ottawa area). As for the coverage area, I find Fizz to be very flexible and they offer a wide range of travel options that are well priced, compared to competitors. The only area that is lacking is availability of calling while in countries outside of Canada and USA. You can choose your coverage area as Quebec, Canada or Canada/USA. And there is no commitment, as you can change your coverage area each billing cycle as needed.

Yep, no prorated refund. This gives you time to find a different provider with appropriate coverage. This website was posted somewhere else. It gives you an idea of the available plans in Quebec. Good luck!

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Hannah Is the lack of coverage because you travel a lot or bad service in your area? We haven't left Montreal for a few months so haven't had problems.

If you want to unsubscribe from your Fizz mobile plan,
just stay your account active before the transfert of your phone number to your new provider.
Fizz is a pre-paid service and you will be refunded for the rest of your monthly billing cycle.