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Does a Moto E 2nd Gen work with in rural Ontario?

I want to share a Fizz experience , in this forum, before I blog.
Fizz support told me in a chat that the MOTOROLA MOTO E 2nd gen does not work .
This is technically incorrect. I did not know that my phone had a history
prior to 2nd hand purchase. This is the cautionary tale.

My previous provider was Fido but not on a contract , just a month by month "deal" bundle.
It was an unlocked phone , however, the phone was *previously* locked to Rogers
before I obtained it *2nd*hand.
When I received my phone, to use as a FIZZ data only device (intended to be used with
wifi tethering) I received the ENTER SIM NETWORK UNLOCK CODE menu
with UNLOCK or DISMISS choices.
I spent some considerable time with Fizz supports, and they insisted that I clear
the PUK issues with my former provider. To my understanding, the phone was "unlocked"
and used on a Bring Your Own Device basis BYOD.
I did go back to Fido, found out that this phone *di* have a previous life,
stayed on the chat side with Fido staff for another long time, received the proper
"PUK" code and entered it (while my Fizz SIM was installed).
I did NOT have to enter any of the "ACCESS POINT NAME" information
and the MOTO E 2nd Gen model XT1527 US/Canada "populated" all the
APN data withing seconds, and the service also adjusted the usage chart limit
to my plan.
I had to check that the rural area where the 'cottage' is located is served by 4G tower
from Rogers, and even discovered in which direction (Kitchen Window) the signal was
The result is that
(1)I reused an older mobile LTE phone and charger
(2) obtained a least expensive data only (2,4GB) plan from FIZZ
(3)set the Phone up nearest a window that faces the tower 4-5bars
(4) set a Wifi Hotspot up

and now I have internet service to a remote cottage where Bell, Rogers
demand a very high price to provide (ADSL, DOCSIS3/cable), in fact
several times, for what will only be 4-5months (the number of months
we can enjoy outdoors, without a Winter Parka.

I know this is NOT a question,
but I hope it endorses the Fizz provisos,
and provides some confirmed answers in future.
Ontario location, about 3Km from Rogers Tower, St. Lawrence River



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Hello JOHN,

We are really happy that we were able to assist you within your story and for the fact that you are able to enjoy your internet while you are at your Cottage.
Checking your story, I see that you are using our services while you are connected to Fizz.EXT, meaning using our partner's networks, in your case Rogers.
Keep in mind that you can only make use of the partner's network within the three(3) months usage. If you exceed the usage daily and pass the 3 consecutive months, we can block the access to your services and you will have to return on using Fizz within the green zone while connected to Fizz4G or Fizz3g.
You can check the said information on the following FAQ and

Nonetheless, you had an awesome experience and a good story to tell, hat's down.

Nicolae Bogdan

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Thanks for sharing this story.
And congratulations on your savings with Fizz!

John, as Whizz wrote in his post, you will not be able to roam continually on FIZZ EXT for more than 3 months. If Rogers is the only nearby tower in that area, your choices for cell service are Rogers, Fido and Chatr.



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Thanks for sharing this.