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Where can i see what gives fizz points

1 like = 1 points
But what else gives points



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Good Morning Matthew!
Mike, indeed, gave you a well useful link. truth be told, we are in the English community, so I have tried to translate a wonderful graph from French to English:
Icon Description Points:
Welcome- to the Fizz community= 25pts.
Amigo- You added a person in your contacts
Fizz for the first time.= 50pts.
Hunter 1- refer 1 person =100pts.
Hunter 2- refer 5 people =100pts.
Hunter 3- refer 10 people =100pts.
Hunter 4- refer 25 people = 100pts.
Tourist- you will have purchased your first Travel Add-on. (points unknown)
Sundae you will have purchased an Add-on.
(points unknown)
Dinosaur 1- 1 month seniority
Dinosaur 2- 6 months of seniority
Dinosaur 3- 12 months of seniority
Dinosaur 4- 24 months of seniority
(points unknown)
Tching Tching- added funds to your portfolio for the first time (points unknown)

Lvl:—Pts:—Mobile Perk:—Home Perk:
1—- 0——-250 Mb———$1 off
2—- 1500—500 Mb———$2 off
3—- 4500—250 Mb———$1 off
4—- 9000— 200 Mb+ $1 off.—$1 off
5—-15000— 250 Mb———$2 off
6—-.22,500–500 Mb———$2 off
7—- 31 500—$1 off————$2 off
8-—-42,000—1Gb————$1 off
9—- 54,000—$1 off———-$3 off
10—-67 500— $1off———-$2 off
at level 3 & 5, you get and extra slot for perks. by level 5, you’ll have three perk slots to use.
Description Points:
Give 1 kudu (limit 20 / day) 1pts
Receive 1 kudu (no limit) 5pts
Ask a question 3pts
Answer question 3pts
Be selected as the best answer 50pts
Leader of day 10pts
Leader of the week 50pts
Leader of the month 50pts
The top 100 active members during the month 50pts
The person referred is on hold 100pts
The person referred has been confirmed, after 2nd month 200pts
Every $ 10 spent

Here is an example of how to collect points

Give 20 points per day 600
An invoice for 25 $ 250
answer 1 question per day
≈ 390pts
(Estimated 13 points =>
3 points for answering and
2 kudus 10 points)
Top 100 member of the month 50pts

So you can easily make 1290 points per month
With 1290 points you could apply 250MB the first day
Exchange the 250MB with a 500MB the 2nd month
The 4th month you will have another slot so you can get 750MB of Bonus

Best strategy to accumulate points: this is up to you, remember the bonus period is 24 months

An account for a package or more:
if you do not actively participate in the community, I will say 2 mobile plans or a mobile and a residential internet
But with the information you have, you can properly assess and make the right decision

Hope this helps!!!

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Hi Matthew badges will give you points and just be active in the community to receive even more.
Every 1$ spent on Plans will be worth 10 Points.
Receiving Kudos is 5 Points.
Answering or asking a Question is 3/5 Points.
50 If you have the best answer in a Question.



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Receive kudos, 5 pts,
Referring others members gives you points.
Paying your monthly plan gives you 10 pts / dollar.
Giving data gives you points.
Answer a question: 3 pts, Asking a question: 3pts, Receive the best answer: 50 pts.
Be active into the community during the month gives you: 50 pts.