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Thinking about switching to Fizz, 3 simple questions?

Hey I'm really dissatisfied with my current provider and Fizz looks like a viable option for me. I just wanted to know a few details:

1) Firstly, is there a charge associated with buying the Fizz modem/router? On that note, I currently have ADSL internet: is there a charge associated with switching to cable?

2) I understand that for 60 dollars/month, I will receive 120 mbps. However, I understand that this is "up to" 120. How can I tell what the average speed will be in my area?

3) Is the 120 divided amongst the number of devices I am using? (Say 5 devices are in use, the internet speed will be an average of 20mpbs per device?)

Thank you!



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1) The modem is included in the price
2) Neither your ADSL is garantie, all the provider they have this note
3) The router is able to manage the traffic, therefore is not divided like that, you will not use all the time 20 Mbps therefore consider like a water pipe in your residence, if you have 10 faucet you will not split the maximum water flow

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Hi Giordano,

Fizz uses cable internet which I find to be more reliable compared to ADSL.

If you are presently using 120 mbps and you are happy with it, you should be very satisfied with the same speed with Fizz.

The only complaint I've seen here is related to the modem. The wifi signal of the Fizz modem is not very strong. So if you live in a large home or if there are many wifi signals near your home, this can be an issue. But don't dispair, you can always tweak the Fizz modem or you can opt to use your own router to fix this issue.

1) There are no extra charges. Just the plan cost + taxes. It includes the Fizz modem/router rental (you cannot buy it). Optional you can pay one-time for VIP installation whereas self-installation is free and pretty easy to do.
2) If you order the 120 mbps plan, your speed will go to up 132 mbps. There is that extra 10% buffer.
3) The maximum speed is the total of all your devices. If you want to put a speed cap on some devices, you may want to set up wifi with your own router.

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I don’t know the answer to your questions

Hi Giordano. Thanks for your fantastic question.
There is no charge for fizz modem router, the modem router is included in the plan price. The average speed is based on the number of users using the network, on the hub in your street. But normaly u get what u pay for, if you pay 120mbps you will get 120 and up. I have 120 and i get between 135 and 160mbps. The 120mbps is divided among the devices using your network, if a device is offline he will not use the internet.

It's been a pleasure to assist you today. If you have any further questions don't hesitate to ask.
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1) there is no charge for switching to cable because they are different companies.
there are no charges for the modem BUT you do have to send it back to fizz if you move or cancel your fizz wifi

2)best bet is if you know fizz/videotron or other cable internet customers in your (vif, teksavvy etc) and ask what their speeds are like. I am in ville emard in montreal and mine is usually right at the 120mbps advertised.

3) yes but it depends what each device is doing. example if you have a smartphone browsing the web and an xbox one streaming 4K Netflix, maybe the smartphone uses 2mbps the xbox 40mbps and the other 78mbps is free for others to use

Hello Giordano,

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