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Fizz Internet Wi-Fi and Google Home?


Our family has joined Fizz a few months ago and are quite satisfied so far, except for a few outages and issues with Google Home.

We have a Google Home Max, Google Home, some smart bulbs, and a couple of Google Home Minis. Most of these devices give us intermittent issues where they connect/disconnect from wi-fi constantly. Some of the devices are far from the Fizz modem, others are right beside it, so it doesn't seem to be an issue with distance / signal quality. We're using iOS devices to communicate with the Google Home devices, so that may be a factor too.

Also worth mentioning that we have a total of about 20 devices connected to the Fizz router via wi-fi. Maybe this is too much?

We've tried talking to Google support about it, and so far no luck restarting or resetting the devices to factory default.

One of my options is to try using an old router I have lying around instead of the Fizz one.

Anyone else have experience with Fizz and Google Home, whether good or bad?

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with the amount of devices you have better invest in a good router to handle the load. Maybe Fizz's modem still able to work with but I believe the response time is not instant. I myself is like you have one Google home in each room and many smart bulbs. I switch to use the Mesh Wifi Router like Google Nest or others. I highly recommend a Mesh WiFi network, it works so well and all wifi connected devices speed test is almost same as connected with wire directly to the modem. Mesh WiFi routers are not cheap but worth it.

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1st you are not afraid for your privacy with all those google home :P
No joke you should by a better router or some wifi range extender if you get signal problem. You don't help the Fizz modem/router if you got a ton of device an if you got multiple wifi spot around your home. If you live in apartment some wifi can fight for frequency or bands. The bes thing is to get the farest bands from others wifis but I think the Fizz modem/router have a automatic option it should in theory do this job for you.

I have connected 3 minigoogle home and 8 other devices and everithing works very well.
Maybe, ask for assistance and help with the Fizz support service by contacting them by chat (from 8h00 to 21h00).
The adress is: