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How do I "gift" data to my own cellphones if I got 3?

I got 3 cell phones and can't find any way to mave data between phones. Someone can help me?



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With the phone number, I already used this option without problem
Remember the phone must have a data plan in order to be able to receive data gift.

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If all the lines are in the same account like in my case, i tried it, only 1 has data. I tried gifting from that number to my second cell(no data in the plan) and it said: this membre cannot receive data since it dosent have any in his plan

Hello DGagnon,

You can gift data between accounts. If you still have data from your monthly plan, if you are trying to gift data from a rollover or an addon, you will not be able, because those are not giftable.
I suggest you check the following FAQ for additional information.

As Mike said, you will need to have mobile data on your plans.

Nicolae Bogdan