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Why are upgrades not activating (Still show "Pending activation" after 2 months)?

  • Last February, I added 2 upgrades to my home internet:
  • --- $2 rebate upgrade
    --- $1 rebate upgrade

    • After adding both upgrades, an overlay showed "Pending Activation" on each of them.
    • When I clicked the upgrades, a message showed that they would activate March 2nd "This upgrade will be activated on the Home Internet plan being used at [home address] on 03.02.2020."
    • Came March 2nd, the message changed to "This upgrade will be activated on the Home Internet plan being used at [home address] on 04.02.2020."
    • I took a screenshot of those messages and added a reminder to myself to come check on April 2nd
    • Came April 2nd (today), the message changed to "This upgrade will be activated on the Home Internet plan being used at [home address] on 05.02.2020."
    • Since I first added the upgrades in February, I haven't removed them, they've stayed in those boxes waiting activation

    1. Why aren't my upgrades activating
    2. Why each month, my upgrades planned activation date is delayed an additional month?

    Thanks for your help.



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Hello Annie,

I really apologize for the situation you've experienced.

I have checked your account and I can see that you've contacted our support department and they have taken your request into charge.
If the situation persists or you find anything else that you encounter don't hesitate to contact us by chat or on our other contact methods that can be found by following the FAQ

Have a nice day!
Nicolae Bogdan

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