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Where can you see the perks to unlock?

I am not sure where can you see the perks to unlock and what level represent what, can anybody help me?



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Just click on each perk to see what it represent each and after that just thinking if you're eligible for that perk. Ex 6 month with Fizz and soo on.

Mathieu therefore, for you the perks are the badges

Check this


Sorry this is in French

Icone description Points
Bienvenue devenu member de la communauté de Fizz 25
Amigo Vous avez ajouté une personne dans vos contacts Fizz pour la première fois. 50
Chasseur 1 reférér 1 personne 100
Chasseur 2 reférér 5 personne 500
Chasseur 3 reférér 10 personne  
Chasseur 4 reférér 25 personne  
Touriste Vous aurez acheté votre premier Ajout de voyage.  
Sundae Vous aurez acheté un Ajout.  
Dinosaure 1 1 mois d'ancienité  
Dinosaure 2 6 mois d'ancienité  
Dinosaure 3 12 mois d'ancienité  
Dinosaure 4 24 mois d'ancienité  
Tching Tching ajouté des fonds à votre portefeuille pour la première fois 100 + 10x$
Hero 1 You gifted data to 1 friends 50 + 3
Hero 2 You gifted data to 5 friends 100+3
Hero 3 You gifted data to 10 friends  
Hero 4 You gifted data to 25 friends  



I'd like to help but not sure what you mean exactly.

"Perks" are not "unlocked" they are gifts given by Fizz from time to time and they need to be activated but you don't "unlock" perks.

Badges, as you can see in Mike table, are unlock by performing certains actions (buying addons, refering friends etc)

Upgrades, (bonuses), also unlock when you reach certains level and they also need to be activated. Once activated, they become available at the begining of your nect cycle.

See screenshot.

You can see it:
Go to your account
Click on: Overview
Scrolldown till my Rewards Program
Click on: See details
For the slots to apply perks or rebase in $
The first slot is open at level 2, 1500 pts
The second slot is open at level 3, 4,500 pts
And the third slot is unlocked at level 5, 15,000 pts



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This is difficult, but I believe that between the above answers you got the right one