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transfer my number from Rogers?

I want transfer my number from Rogers to fizz..? How?
And now I order 2 sim card from fizz for me and my daughter but now I just need transfer my Rogers number and keep another fizz sim card for my daughter?
How I cancel one???and how I transfer my Rogers number help me please??



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Hi Wafa,


When you receive your SIM card, logon to activate it. Choose your plan and make the request to transfer your number from Rogers. You must include your phone number, Rogers account number and your full name exactly as stated in your Rogers account.


Your Rogers account must be kept active. It will close automatically when the port transfer request is complete, which can take a few minutes or up to 2 hours.


Also be sure to enter a referral code if you are a new customer. You and your friend will both earn $25 credit on your account following your second payment.

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You just have to wait your sim cards to arrive, then enter it to your profile account so fizz can begin the process to call rogers and made the switch. as easy as that. Wait 1 or 2 hours, put the new sim card in your phone and fizz will text you when the process is done.

just activate one and enter the phone number while activating and it will just transfer this number
But i would recommend you to activate both before prices go up.

Your sim card cant be refund.
When you'll receive your sim card:
First, for your plan, activate your sim card and choose the plan you need (data, coverage, textos, unlimited calls, voicemail) At this moment you can add the referral code of 25$ from a Fizz user you know..
For the transfert of your phone number, you need to put the number account from Rogers.
The transfert is processed after. It can take 5 minutes to 2 hours for the activation of your new Fizz plan.
And you do the same
for the plan of your daughter and choose a new phone number from Fizz.

You can find the instructions for your number transfer in this guide -
This guide is for a new number -

You can receive 50$ (25$×2) as referral bonuses if you create two accounts - one for yourself and another one for your daughter. You can use my referral code for the first account - it is W6TSV. Then for the second account you can use your own referral code.

Activating the sim card is very easy, just follow the steps described in responses, copy your account number and your name from your Rogers monthly invoice, used this referral number 7UJV7 for $ 25 off after your second bill.

First you'll need to unlock your phone if you bought it before they change the rules (4-5 years ago). After that, went you'll receive your sim cards, everything would be explain. For the extra sim cards, unfortunnatly, you can't cancel you order. Welcome in the fizz world :-)