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Not sure what to do...Here is the question again I guess:


I don't need answers about the order or about the protocol. I know how it works. 


What I would like is a clear answer from a Whizz about why is it like this and if it could be change for a protocol that would be less frustrating


As you can clearly see in the screen capture, sometimes, we end up losing perks or data because of the order in which they are used... 


Could it be possible that this could be change? That once things (perks/gifts/rollovers/bonuses) are activated/received/ they would just go in other of the least days left ? 


Is there something I don't get about why this would not be possible? 


I chatted with a representative already about this issue and he was also thinking that this is a little bit "weird" and unpleasant for costumers. 


And as for you guys? Do you have tricks or something you calculate for the right time to activate perks/receiving gifts? 


Sometime, a perk is about to expire so you must activate it...but you end up losing it anyways... 


Again, I would really like to know from Fizz if changes to the actual order of data consumption is something we could hope for in the futur?




Hi Isabelle,

I apologize for the late reply. As I have checked the situation I can see that there is a ticket escalated to our technical team for further checks. We will come back with more info once everything is done.

The entire system is designed to consume the data that will expire more recently, this way you will not lose any of it. In your particular case, we will need to check why there wasn't everything alligned on your account.

Thank you for your understanding!
Have a good one!

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Rookie mistake! I closed the other post trying to answer your question... Enjoy 50 pts !! ^-^

So here it is:

It's not because I forget to activate the perk, it's because of the order in which they are used... The perk once activated is valid for 30 days. But sometimes, as shown in the capture, you kind of don't get to use it because you had data (that would have had more time to be used, that are used first)

Hope I'm clear here. Basically, it's just very confusing the way it is now...

The representative I chatted with was struggling trying to make sens of the protocol...

We wouldn't lose anything if it was just use in the order of the time that they are still valid for.

@Michel, @Martin,

Yes I'll wait for Whizz answers but I still like having peoples comments or tricks... Who knows? Maybe I'm missing something...



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Agree. It's very confusing

well, they are set to be utilised in order of expiration. Not sure that Fizz will make any adjustments. They don't like to complicate things for themselves :-)))

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That's is the point. Can we really say they are set to be used in order of expiration, if, once activated (in the queue)... They are not really going in order of expiration.

One gift with let say 10 days left end up being used before one perk with 5 days left...

I'm in the same situation as you. I have a bonus which ends in 7 days but it continues to take the data on the bonus which ends in 15 days ... But hey, in my case, it does not matter!

Well, according to the graph of this afternoon, the order of the bonus has become correct again! My older bonus (7 days left) is now used instead of my 15 day bonus! Great

Indeed, but I think that now, if you use your data, it is the 500MB which will be deducted first before your 1GB (even if there is only 1 day left: P)
. Looks like they just found the solution now.

loll Martin,

I think you're being a little to optimistic here.

Keep on watching your queue and you will see that your "2GO reçu en cadeau" will be all gone before it switches to the "1GO cadeaux... Even if the arrow is at the top of that one.