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Are there any viable IPTV solutions for those that want to switch to Fizz internet from Bell/Videotron?

As a long time Videotron and now Bell Fibe customer, I've had my share of billing issues and increasing monthly rates.

I made the switch to Fizz mobile and love it, and now I am tempted to switch over to Fizz Internet.

But what prevents me is the fact that I wont be able to get the same channels as we do with Bell Fibe. I know there are providers such as Ebox..etc ... but as far as i'm aware you can't just subscribe to their IPTV solution, it must be bundled with their internet as well.

If only Fizz had their own IPTV offerings...

What does everyone else do?

Unfortunately, Fizz internet doesnt IPTV like Ebox or Vmedia.
If you need IPTV, Fizz internet is not for you.
Me, I'm a cord cutter since 2008 and I dont regret it.
I have installed in my attic an HD antenna. and I can capt many basic TV stations (TVA,V CBC, CTV, Global, Tele-Quebec,Radio-Canada, PBS Burlington, NBC, City, Savoir-Media, CBC.
I'm very happy about this decision.
You can install a Tablo DvR recorder.
I find Fizz internet , a reliable and economic internet provider.
It depends of your needs.

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There is no TV service at Fizz now, but it is interesting to have such offer in a near future

@Martin: There are legal solutions, it all depends on you needs. IPTV-wise, I agree there are countless illegal services, but tv watching solutions are available.

On the streaming side, you have multiple apps and websites offering their own streaming feed.

If you want the all inclusive solution, you stay with Bell internet and Fibe Service, or ebox, etc.

You also the good 'ol antenna which has greatly improved since the shift to digital broadcasting.  I get cristal clear FULL HD CTV, Radio-Canada, Vtele, CityTV, TVA, Télé-Québec, PBS. And sometimes NBC.

Combine the antenna with a PVR and you have a great alternative to monthly tv bills. BUT, it all depends on YOUR NEEDS.