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Dropping to zero GB data for a month?

Hi all. I was just looking at my data for next month and noticed that between my rollover data, upgrades, and perks, I will have a large amount to use, not counting the new plan data I would get next cycle.

Is it possible to drop down to a plan with 0GB for next month just so I can try to use it up? Would I lose the rollover data (currently says expires in 43 days) or upgrades or perks by dropping to a no data plan for next month as I know there are issues with receiving gifted data, etc. on that plan.

yes you can do, however, If you do not have a stabilization price you will lose it

For the data upgrade, you are suppose to have a dataplan, however, for now are working

The perks you do not need a data plan for that.


here the link


Does my rolled over data instantly expire when I change my plan?

Of course not. You keep your rolled over data for two (2) complete payment cycles even if you change your plan during that time, and even if that new plan has no data.

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Mike is right, it’s possible. All of your data will still be useable except the perks.

It’s not really worth it if you were already in a stabilization price...

Mike is right

this is one of the questions i had for customer service yesterday
if you are a very light data user like my daughter
you could get away with getting the 1gb every three months
however you will have to cancel and reactivate the data on time

@Lucas perks can be used without a data plan


If you receive mobile data as a perk, you can enjoy that perk even if your plan does not include data. You may have to configure your APN settings to do so.

A data upgrade, for now, can be used without a dataplan

however, from their page


To apply an upgrade on your plan:

Since an upgrade boosts your monthly plan, your plan must include that service in the first place for that upgrade to work. Say for example you receive  mobile data upgrade: your plan has to include mobile data for you to enjoy an upgrade consisting of mobile data.

thanks Mike

that is strange however
as when i chatted with customer service they said that this was ok and would work
they never mentioned that it would eventually stop working



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