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4 accounts or 1 account with 4 plans?

we are a family of 4
what would be better
4 accounts or 1 account with 4 plans

there is a similar thread for 2 accounts
but the discussion is closed so i could not ask more questions

why are many people saying that 1 account is better
does 1 reward go to all 4 lines?
is it possible to have more details before i commit

You can only assign 1 reward to 1 slot on 1 line.


Also enhanced referral rewards means 3 of your accounts will earn $70 credit if you refer in sequence. And the last account will have $35 credit.

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Each reward can be used by one line only. There is no reward that would go to all 4 lines.


There is $35 referral promo atm, which each new account would qualify for.


If you prefer, you may group 2 lines into one account. So 2 or 3 accounts?

In my opinion, 4 accounts would be better right now.


If you need a referral code to activate your first line, you can use mine 66KGA.

I also have leftover data every month, so as a thank you, I will gift data to people who used my referral code.

If you plan to participate to the community is better to group some of them.
If you do not plan to participate, it is better to have a separate account, since you we receive perks to one of each.
A week ago we received 1Gb per account, 2 or 3 weeks ago 500Mb per account too.

4 accounts was my plan
but as i look at discussion threads many say 1 account is better
their only reasoning is that you level up faster
but they dont include details or explain

if you have 1 account
does a reward go to all lines or can you only assign 1 reward to 1 slot on 1 line
if thats the case i dont see how its better or faster

it seems like 4 accounts is better
but i would appreciate details on how 1 account is better

Yes you will level up a bit faster, but you will have only one rewards per level, if you have 4 accounts and each of them are giving 20 kudos per days => 600 pts per month + the points from billing payment.

What will be better have 70$ per account or couple of points which will lead to a reward that you can apply only to one account?

this is the table that I did for the reward, you will see that with 600 point per monts from kudos, you will reach level 2 in 2/3 months (you need to consider the points from paying the bill and the level up points )


Now supposing that you have the 4 accounts toghether, you will receive ~400 pts for paying the bill, 600 points from kudos


3 months 3K points but only 2 rewards :(


Moreover, you alread have 300 points in couple of days ...


Level points Mobile Home
1 0 250 Mo $1 rebate 1 Slot
2 1500 500 Mo $2 rebate  
3 4500 250 Mo $1 rebate 2 Slots
4 9000 200 Mo
$1 rebate
$1 rebate  
5 15000 250 Mo $2 rebate 3 Slots
6 22500 500 Mo $2 rebate  
7 31500 $1 rebate $2 rebate  
8 42000 1 Go $1 rebate  
9 54000 $1 rebate $3 rebate  
10 67500 $1 rebate $2 rebate  


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5000 / 5000

I would suggest you 4 accounts. You'll be able to get rewards of 35% for 3 accounts.
If you are not active in the community, it,s your best option.

If you prefer to get rapidly bonus, have only 1 account with 4 plans.
It depends of your needs.

Btw when you combine multiple lines in one account, only 1 line can benefit from the referral credit.


Also the upgrade rewards are valid for 2 years, from the date they are earned. So there is no rush to level and earn them all at once.


By offering $35 referral credit, Fizz has made it more beneficial to have 1 line per account.

Thanks @Fizzy and @Mike

you are confirming my thoughts
i believed that 4 accounts was better
i was aware of the 35/70 reward
my confusion was others saying that 1 account was better
and i just could not figure it out

4 separate accounts takes a bit more effort but will be much more rewarding

i realize i will need to "daisichain" the activation
me > wife > son > daughter
how long before i get my referal code to give to wife
then repeat

will my code show up as soon as i set my plan per account or only once the port is succesful

id like all accounts active on same day to keep same billing date

@Mike @Fizzy @MichaelIP

i'm finding it very hard to pick a best answer
it really is a combination of your responces that has helped me out

will do my best to pick one
hope i dont upset anyone

BTW how long does it take / when to get your own refferal code
as i said i have 4 accounts to do
and want to do it all on same day for simplicity of billing

very odd
thats 2x now
that i write something
i can see it as a comment here
then when i refresh to see if there is an answer
my comment is gone

was there something in the message the system did not like

This seems to be a new bug
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