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Frozen sim card but payed 4,89 $ with "fizz refrigeration discoma" note ???

Hey there! situation : I had a non valid credit card. So my account is frozen cause I haven't changed it in time. I had contact with a member of Fizz on Messenger (Cristina) because I had reached the limit of payment methods (??). She helped me through it, I added my new payment method, and now (8hours later) it is still frozen, and 4,89$ (with the note "Fizz refrigeration discoma") have been withdrawn from my account, I don't know for what reason???? So from this morning, I can't do anything with my phone, the chat bubble is not working (no adblocks and everything), and messenger doesn't answer !! Any solutions for me ? @Fizz ??



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If you entered the right credit card try this


  1. Make a payment now: Once your default payment method is all set and up-to-date for this plan, look for the Make my monthly payment button in your account. This will trigger a payment attempt, and your service will be reactivated once the payment is confirmed.



I do not really know what are the 4.89$, this is very strange and you need to ask to fizz's support, it seems a company in st Leonard 

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Hi Celestine,

That charge of 4,89$ is definitely very weird since the simcard used to be 5$ plus tax but they have since raised the price to 10$ plus tax. Other than that the only thing I can think of would be either an add-on or overage charges from the existing plan. Also Try going to Manage Plan -->Unsubscribe and the chatbox at the bottom right of the screen should pop up. I just tried right now and it seems to be working currently. Sometimes chat doesn't show up because their agents are either too busy or its outside the working hours.

Good luck and let us know how it works out.

Is it possible you were chatting with a user from another facebook page?

Cause the company Fizz Refrigeration Discoma does exist on facebook.

Contact them again or your bank to get your refund.


Check your Fizz account to make sure your credit card info is correct. You may need to reactivate your plan to get service.