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I think I broke my modem?

Right so my neighbour came over to mine the other day, and by accident she tripped over my modem, effectively breaking it, I think--the cable at the back (not the power cable, but the other one), is loose in the machine-end socket, and now I'm only getting green lights flashing on my modem, not blue, and no connection to the internet. Anybody know what to do about this?



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Hello Noah,

Thank you for letting us know about it.

Please unplug both the coaxial cable and the power cable from the outlet and the modem, wait for about 20 seconds, then plug the coaxial cable back in the outlet first and then in the modem and the Ethernet cable in the modem and then in the computer or laptop and restart it. Make sure that the coaxial cable (which you say it's loose) is properly screwed on both ends.

If still won't work, I invite you to contact us via live chat (here you have the info : ) to be able to verify your connection from our end. We may have to schedule a service call for repairs. You can find more details on our dedicated faq link: .

Have a nice day!

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It's fustrating not to be able to use your internet.

Hope you can get a service appointment asap.


In the meantime, can your neighbour help out, by letting you use her internet?



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Good to know that they have a service for reparations!