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Has anyone successfully applied discount upgrades to their mobile or internet plan?

What does it look like on your bill (transaction history)?


Under what heading is the discount listed?


I am wondering if it works the same for both mobile and internet plans.

I believe your regular price just becomes the new price after applying the discount.

As for on your receipt, it'll be shown under rebate heading. So if you applied a $2 discount upgrade, when you go to your transaction history and choose the month you'll see - $2.00 under rebate.

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And this little rebate will become even more precious for many of us in a few months when regular prices kick in

I didn’t see separate item for my $1 rebate. I asked and Fizz said it is treated as part of referral bonus and no separate display. You know these Fizz support, they have no clue what they are doing. My referral bonus is enough now to cover my monthly cost, so I just take their explanation for now.

How many points before you get your first $ discount for mobile? I have interent discount available, though wish I could gift that since no Fizz internet available in Ottawa.

@Alfio you will recceive the first mobile discount at level 4. More of the same when you reach level 7, 9 and 10.


Each of these upgrades is $1 discount off a mobile plan.