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My order, was not delivered

My order, was not delivered to the address :



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The delivery service that will bring your SIM card depends on which shipping method you requested when you order your SIM.

  • Standard shipping: 2 business days
  • Express shipping: Under 3 hours


How to check the status of your SIM card delivery
  1. Go to My profile in your account.
  2. Scroll and click on Order history, here you can see the status of all your Fizz orders.
  3. Go to See details of your order
  4. In the order details, go to the shipping number to track your delivery
  5. In the carrier website you can see the details of your delivery

go to shipping number to track your delivery on the courrier service websiteGo to shipping number to track your delivery on the carrier website

Go to shipping number to track your delivery on the carrier website


On Planete courrier tracking website, go to 'click for more info' and enter the postal code of the delivery address: you can see delivery details (where your SIM card has been pasted, which has received the parcel with signature...).

If the sim card is lost, you have to order the SIM again. After you've received it and activated your plan, contact Fizz support and ask to be refunded for the first SIM that was sent back.



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It is important to add the referral code must be used during the creation of your plan when the taxes are shown

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It seems you ordered the SIM card to be delivered in your apartment in Montreal.


What happens often is the courier who delivers your SIM Card does not have access to get indoors (or is too pressed for time to bother going upstairs). They usually end up leaving your parcel downstairs stickied onto the front door for all to see.


You will have to order another SIM card. I suggest using a different delivery address if possible.


Once you have received your SIM and activated your plan, you will need to chat with Fizz support for refund of the SIM you did not receive.

You can also mention details of the shipping issue, in hopes that Fizz will make arrangements to improve delivery for future customers.


p.s. If you're a new Fizz customer and looking for a referral code, you can use mine 66KGA when signing-up. We will both be rewarded with a $25 credit once you have paid your second monthly bill.


Mike wonderful answer.

Andrey I am truly sorry for the inconvenience. You will need to contact the delivery company and once you have an answer, if they can't find your SIM card, please let us know. Yes, you will need to order a new one, but we definitely will refund you for the one you didn't receive.

Thank you for your understanding!
Have a good one!