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How do I unlock my phone ?

Hello guys,

How can I unlock my phone ? I have a strange error message on it and I read on some sites that it could be blocked.


If your phone is locked, ask the mobile provider who supplied your phone to help you unlock it.


If you have a Samsung you can also contact them directly

  1. Contact Samsung to have the unlock codes (link)
  2. Power off your device and insert the SIM from your new service provider. 
  3. Power on. If your device gives the following message you need to enter the MCK. "SIM network PIN blocked. Enter SIM network PUK." (See step 4 if your phone asks you for a SIM Network unlock PIN). 
  4. Enter MCK. It will likely tell you the code was "unsuccessful" however disregard this. 
  5. You should now be at a new screen which asks for the "SIM Network Unlock PIN." Enter the NCK here. Note you only get one chance to enter the NCK, so do NOT make a mistake. 
  6. You should see a message saying "Network unlock successful." Your phone is now unlocked.

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Contact the original carrier who sold you the phone and provide them with the IMEI, they will give you the code to unlock your phone for free. There is no charge for this service even if you are no longer their customer.

If it’s an iPhone, after contacting the original provider, all you do is backup and reset the phone. Sometimes a simple mobile network reset is enough

All phones can be unlocked for free by mobile providers. If it not already, contact the original carrier/mobile provider and they will do it for free when you provide them the IMEI.

I have an iphone that I had to switch over from an American carrier to a Canadian carrier a little over a year. The process was simple and free. I had to call the previous carrier and they unlocked it. It didn't take too long over the phone :)