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Mobile services = Hello how do you feel about the prices/services per mobile lines?


How do you folk feel about the price/ services raport? Are they as satisfying as their prices? Looking for some feedback

I have been with Fizz since january and everything is fine, only down once this summer but we had a notice about it. I love the rollover and the fact that you can share data with other people.
I am still looking for my first reference for a 25$ rebate on your 3rd bill. You can put my referral code 4PJMD near the 911 information when selecting your plan.

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Yes it's very good about price.
I am very satisfied
If you need a reference code here is mine, B8T36 so that we each have $ 25 after your 2nd payment cycle.
Put this code at the end of your sim card activation just before paying.
We must be careful to see the place to put it, it's not easy

For me is very good, I dod not have any problem.

If you need a referral code, this is mine 5JATM. You will receive 25$ after 2 months, no bad.

ps: The referral is valid when you create your plan.

I find it quite great when it comes to cellular service. After having tested most of the providers and working for the major ones, I appreciate all of what makes fizz different.
The quality in Quebec City, has been in my case flawless for the past 2 months. (I always get LTE reception on an iPhone XS )
There is some room for improvement as there is no VOLTe, visual voicemail or Esim support. But all things considered that is very minor.
When it comes to the home internet, I find their technology a bit old, I rather have a home internent provider that offers fiber-optic stability.

Fizz mobile plans are very flexible. You get to choose your coverage area and the options you want.

With the rewards offered by Fizz, you can get some discounts and extra perks/upgrades added to your plan.


The mobile service has been pretty stable for the last few months.

Now that the stabilization period is coming to an end, we know that service will only get better.


If you're a new Fizz customer and looking for a referral code, you can use mine 66KGA when signing-up. We will both be rewarded with a $25 credit once you have paid your second monthly bill.

for regular user, I think Fizz is perfect. Price is best compare to others, the best thing is the roll over of your unused data to the next month. About the service, you don't get customer support over the phone, only online and it's slow. If no issue, Fizz will be the best choice.

I am happy with Fizz: price is great, can gift data to friends & family, unused data pushes forward two months, and uses Videotron / partner networks.

Only complaint would be the occasional glitch, but their stabilisation period is planned to end next week.

The current prices are tempting but I'm disappointed that the price will be going up for me in January if I sign up now. So for me it is a pass. I'll re-evaluate at a later time, but for now it would cost me more to get my same plan with Fizz and I would be losing support.


I think it is only worth it for people who use a lot of data.



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I transferred my plan from Fido to Fizz in July and until now, I am quite satisfied with the service of Fizz: I am not a big user of cell phone plan. So their economic plan suits me very well. I don't see any different service from Fido which costed me a fortune before. I like this plan very much.