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20% of the sms messages are failing to send?

I don’t use sms often but have been talking to a few friends on sms lately and since I started using it, I have noticed about 20% of my messages fail when I send them. I have to retry them a few times in order for them to be sent and sometimes the other party gets 2 or 3 messages all at once.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?

We are currently in the Fizz stablization period.

Does this "glitch" happen only with certain parties who are using carriers (like Bell/Telus)?

And the texts going through to Fizz and Rogers parties are fine?


If yes to both, your account may need to be reset. You should contact Fizz support.


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  • Simply click on the chat bubble that appears at the bottom on the right.
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Did you already try to put the phone in airplain mode for 30 seconds or reboot the phone

i got the same problem sometime when i am in wifi only, because the iphone use iMessage to send sms, and it happend sometimes in roaming. Be sure to check the Cellular Network (fizz or other LTE).
It's not like Mail, if the sending fail, it wont try latter, you need to retry manually

Yeah, I have rebooted my phone multiple times, it isn't local to the phone. This issue usually occurs when I am texting too fast and the fizz server isn't able to keep up. Maybe they have some kind of throttling on to prevent DDOS or spam or the load on their servers is too high.

Are any of the parties involved (including yourself) using iPhone? If iMessage is enabled, then you need to have data or wifi to send and receive messages.

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Yes i sometimes lost sms or get them one day after been sent, but i cant find the causes