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update payment info, how is it supposed work?

I just want to update my payment info, since my credit card expires soon and I just received my new card. So, first of all, apparently you can't simple update the existing card info, like on most other sites. You can only delete it, but as long as it is the only payment method you can't, obviously. So I add a new card, same card with updated expiration date and CVV. Now I thought I can delete the old card, but I can't because it says that it's associated with my plan, quote: "You cannot delete this payment method because it is associated to an active plan. Start by replacing the payment method on the plan." But HOW am I supposed to update the payment method then???! In the meantime I still get the "Trouble ahaid" warning, suggesting I should update my payment info. This must be the worst website in that regard I have seen... Can someone enlighten me please, how this is supposed to work? Should I just assume that the cards will be switched in due time...?



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First you need to add a new credit card to your profile: My profile -> Payment methods -> Add a new payment method.
Then you need to modify the credit card associated with your plan. Go to My plans, choose the plan for which you want to modify the payment method, then click on Manage plan -> Payment method. Then choose the new card. Afterwards you can go to your profile and delete the old card.

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