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Will I receive SMS sent from Québec while traveling in Europe or South-East Asia if I don't have any travel add-on?

I will soon be traveling for an extended period of time outside of North American. I don't want to get a travel add-on as I won't really be using the phone. I still hope to be receiving text messages from home though, even if I don't reploy back. Will this work?



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Fizzy, you do not have to have roaming turned on for SMS (or voice for that matter) to work while abroad. That roaming option is only needed for data.

Receiving SMS requires no money in your wallet or a travel add-on. I've done this in the USA and several countries in Latin America. Roaming was turned off during this period.

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SMS are supposed to be free to receive. I haven't tried it in Europe, but I have in US and there is no charge. You would need to have funds on your account to send SMS or make calls or use data.

Hi Nathalie,

Good question !

Lots of answers when travelling here :

Here is a snip from the FAQ that might give you an answer:

What if my wallet is out of money? If money runs out in your wallet, you will lose the ability to use roaming data and texts. There is no surcharge when your wallet runs out of funds.

When you are roaming, incoming texts are the only usage that is free of charge.


Hope this helps and safe travels !

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Whizz has repeatedly mention that Text messages are always free to receive anywhere.

Make sure Roaming is enabled on your phone and you must be connected to a partner network. Your phone will indicate to you whether there is cellular signal.


@Code_KRUEW, I am surpised to hear that your texting and calls work abroad while roaming is turned off.

What phone are you using? Perhaps this a glitch?