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Are you guys Fed-up with fizz?

I have been embarrassed with fizz over and over. Aug 5th, I was in Mont-Tremblant region and searching a location on google map. I didn't even have service. My family members who came from Europe connected to expensive roaming data and I was using it. I wasted about 2 hours on my way.

Last week I was in Toronto. In greater Toronto region the data is good. On my way to Toronto and half an hour away from Toronto the data doesn't work. Where ever I visit was looking for wifi password. Is it embarrassing or I get what I paid for?

Hi Pratheep,

Be sure you have roaming data enabled, and that you have the correct APN. This also happened to be while i was in Toronto. I had to contact the support and I lost quite a few time figuring out why it wasn't working.

They told me there was a glitch. I had the travel add-on currently running but it wasn't working. We fixed it pretty quickly by resfreshing the APN and you can also try the to put your phone on Airplane mode for a 30sec and turning it back.


As told by others, we pay less but Fizz are in a Stabilization period. We should be patient.


Good luck.

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I did not have problems in USA and Quebec for data/voice/sms
The only problem that I got when I am going to USA and back it takes couples of minutes to find the network.

I have lots of little problems but as for the service never experienced lost of signal.
There are other low cost companies that may be more appropriate if you travel a lot.
Good luck.



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I have found that even with roaming enabled, the Data does not always connect automatically.

Most of the time, I have been successful by making one or more of these adjustments on my phone:
- Enable airplane mode, wait a minute, then disable it.
- Network mode: enable/disable LTE (select 3G only or LTE/3G).
- Manually select one of the available network partners from the "FIZZ EXT" list.

Fizz is has been undergoing their stabilization period, so some issues are expected.
Roaming currently works well in some places, not so much in others.
Hope that this problem will be resolved once the stabilization period is complete.


If you check out these Fizz FAQs
you will see that service should be available in many areas throughout Canada and USA.

I haven't had too many problems with connecting to a network while roaming. When I have, toggling airplane mode on and off has generally fixed things rather quickly.

Me and my wife have fizz phone plans. It was not only for me. Same thing on my wife's phone as well. Some time I fixed it by restarting the phone. But it didn't work all the time. Now I plane to keep one phone with fizz and move the other with another carrier. last time was 3rd incident since last April or every time I leave greater Montreal area.



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 I am not happy with other service provider but the Fizz is just worts. They don't offer any services and charge you. I did not waste my time with them.