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Unable to make calls?

Hello, I am unable to make calls, I am in Montreal, when I try to make a call, I get an automated recording telling me to contact them and check my account, but I login and I don’t see anything wrong. Anyone knows what’s going on?

Also I made sure that my payments are going through and they are on my credit card... and I am still able to receive calls and browse the Internet (I’m doing this post on my phone currently)

There is some solution
However, if you're still not finding the answer you need, the Fizz Customer Service team is on hand to troubleshoot and steer you in the right direction. To contact Customer Service, simply click on the chat bubble that appears at the bottom the Solution Hub pages.
To chat with us, make sure that:
You're logged into your Fizz account.
You're active on a help page.
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Thank you Fling, but that, unfortunately, does not apply to me as I checked all those... I am not able to make calls including facetime calls that are over the net



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Fizz is just a crapy inefficient system. It is not working at all. There is no customer support or technical support what so ever. I tried to communicate with them on Facebook and twitter, and nobody answers me. I just went and got a new service from a reliable service provider. DO NOT waste your time they never answered you back.
Good Luck

Hi Antoine,

Are you able to make any calls at all? Which app are you using to make the calls?

What happens when you use the default dialer and manually enter the digits for the phone number you wiish to reach?

It seems that your phone may be blocking (some or all) outgoing calls or your recipients may be blocking calls from you.


Btw facetime calls are made using data or wifi. Facetime calls are not related to the calling feature on your mobile plan. If these fail, there is either some type of blocking in place or you have insufficient bandwidth to complete the facetime call.