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How long did it take your SMS service to become active?

My sim was activated today at 5:00pm. So far, I'm only able to send and receive texts on the fizz network. I understand that it takes 1-24h to be able to send/receive texts from everyone.

How long did it take yours to activate? Should I wait more than 24h before complaining?


It's been a long since I joined so I don't remember the full details when you port a number. If I recall correctly, you get a SMS confirming your port was successful or you get a message on your account telling you the port was not completed. Once that is done, you may have some delay in texts from other providers, but it shouldn't be too long.


If you have a new line and new number, it should be almost instantaneous after you get the "your plan is live" e-mail.


In any case, you should contact support to see if there is a problem with your account or needs some help from a human to complete the port.


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it all depends from the company you are porting the number from some take longer than others this is why they say 24 hours I would wait and if it doesn't work contact support directly thru the provided link:
or you can also send a message by Facebook Messenger:

Normally not too long, within 2 hours it was all done for me. But keep in mind that until the 31st, we were under a large maintenance affecting many processes.
If it's not complete when you get up, contact Fizz support.

I ported two phone lines with Rogers: first one took less than a hour, second one took more than a couple of hours.

As Takion said, contact them via Facebook messenger or chat if it does not work after 24 hours.

Also, did you verify your APN settings (if you are on Android):