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Are the crossed-out prices the post-stabilization prices?

When I use the "create my plan" feature I see a good value price in green (which I assume is the stabilization price) and a crossed-out higher price. Is the higher price the confirmed post-stabilization price? The crossed-out prices are not as competitive and since I am expecting the stabilization period to end quite soon, it would appear it is not going to be worth joining Fizz. Is it confirmed that these will be the prices or might there be other offers coming instead? Thanks a lot!

Hi Rachel,

The prices that are crossed out are the regular price that will apply after the stabilization period is over for everybody who subscribed to the service on, or after April 12, 2019. Fizz mentioned that they will notify of the end of the stabilization period one month in advance. As of today, no news about the end of the stabilization period.

As for competition, even at regular price, Fizz prices are still interesting. I looked over at the competition quickly and this is what I found for Quebec prices. 

  • Lucky Mobile - they offer different packages but the price range are similar. Here are some examples: - Lucky Mobile has a 500 MB Canada-wide data plan (without the call and text options) for 15$. With Fido, it's 25$ with texts messages included. With Virgin, you get 1GB for 28$, at Koodo its 30$ but they add the texts messages. => With Fizz, you get 1GB for 20$-Regular price or 15,30$-Stabilization price.
  • LM has another plan with Canada-wide call, text, and 1GB of data for 35$. => With Fizz, you get the same thing but for 30$-Regular price or 23,40$-Stabilization price.
  • Koodo has a Canada-wide data 1GB plan with text messages included for 30$ => With Fizz, you get the same thing for 23$-Regular price or 18$-Stabilization price.

I was with Rogers before switching to Fizz.  I ran into a few issues but who doesn't? I think it was well worth it. I love the data roll-over. Also, the Fizz community is very vibrant. If you have a question or encounter a problem you will always find somebody to give you a hand. Many of my family and friends have now made the switch and they seem happy about it.  

Cheers to finding the best value for your needs.  

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As we know now, those crossed out prices are post stabilisation prices for all those that signed up after April 2019. Those that signed up before will have slightly lower prices which were in effect before the stabilisation period as long as they don't change their plan after this period.

As far as I know Fizz didn't confirm that those crossed out prices would be the regular ones once the stabilization period is over. Fizz actually announced that we will be surprised by the regular prices, so in my opinion they will be lower than the crossed out prices.
Here is an extract from an article about stabilization -

For members who subscribe ON, OR AFTER, April 12, 2019.
Your plan was activated on or after April 12? Once the stabilization period is over, regular prices will come into effect and will therefore apply to your plan. You’ll be happily surprised by these once the stabilization period has come to an end. You will be notified of the end of the stabilization period one month in advance.
You can find a few examples of the regular prices in this article. They are lower than the crossed out prices for the respective plans.

Thanks for the replies! I guess it's a bit of "wait and see" at the moment for those people joining now, as I would be doing. Another question I had is whether I can sign up for Quebec only and still get coverage in Ottawa as long as I'm connected to Videotron towers, which Ottawa has. I saw some answers suggesting that is true - has that been confirmed or should I contact support?

@Rachel, personaly I would sign now and start saving money. Sadly you will be with the group of customers that sign after April 12, but still who knows what their final pricing structure will be. And I don't see the stabilization ending soon, unless the current implementation is outstanding. Saving, data rollover, gifts, reference saving, bonus are quite attractive.
If you want to save an extra $25 on your 3rd invoice, you can use the reference code PEM01

Ottawa is included in Quebec coverage zone (green zone) as you can see from the map below
Therefore you can opt for Quebec coverage rather than Canada coverage.

Thank you everyone for the advice! Actually the community is one of the things that makes me inclined to choose Fizz - you are all really helpful!