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Adding a wifi booster : any cues?

I want to add a wifi booster in my apartment, as the signal is week at the other end. I will be able to have a wire between the 2. Does anyone have already done that?
I have not found where to do that in the Fizz wifi app.
I think so far that I will need to go in the adresse and connect with the cusadmin user. But I would like to know if there are any pit fall using Fizz.
Thanks in advance!



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Sophie, you could also consider using a powerline adapter if you want to connect the device with a LAN cable. Alternatively, some more expensive powerline adapters also act as wireless extender / repeater.

Most booster that connect to existing wifi and repeat it cans work with most wifi. This solution is easy but can cause delay and lag when you are connected to the slave wifi. The other option that consist of creating two hot spot having the same name require some sort of software to configure two routers as same wifi, i don’t think fizz hardware have support for this type of setup. I would suggest to use your repeater as a slave booster or invest in another principal wifi compatible with the booster you just bought.

I agree with Étienne, I have tried several repeater, it works but speed is not great. If you want a better wifi booster, I would recommend to setup a wifi Mesh network, it's a bit pricey but worth it. I setup with the TP-Link Deco and now no more dead spot and WiFi speed is as fast as wire connection.

You can find some info here below or just google, there is plenty of info.