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As of three days now, I can't use data in Toronto- I had it before, what's the issue?

Simple question- I've been using data in Toronto recently- usually I barely get 3G, but there is data nevertheless. Now, for the last 3 days, I literally don't even get the faintest bit of data- 5 bars of phone connection, but no data turns on.



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Are you using a travelling add-on or not? Either way I would contact support. I've had issues in the past using data from my usual plan and from travaelling add-ons and they helped me in both cases.

My travelling add-on issue was solved using the method described here :

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it could be because of your phone problem a reset may help you, and also you can make sure of it when you use your sim card in other phones to check the network.

Hello Pablo,

Does this issue still persist? If yes, then please reach us by chat or Facebook messenger. For more about how to contact us, please use the following link:

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