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Why can you not get me the SIM cards that you cvharged me for?

Have not received my two SIM cards - for the SECOND time!  Just checked the tracking info in my profile and you sent it to the wrong address:  should have been 118 Iber Road, Suite 105 - but your tracking info says it was delivered (Sunday June 9?!) to 110 Iber Road, Suite 105 (which is The City of Ottawa Vehicle Repair Depot - they do not have a suite 105) via Canada Post (do they even deliver Sundays - to business addresses that are not open on Sundays and do not have a mailbox?).  Your website - horrible.  I cannot add a full name to your 'full name' field of the alternate contacts field in my profile because your form field doesn't accept spaces - like the one between a first name and a last name!!??  But worse, getting contact info for you guys is next to impossible - much like the Telus run-around you get on their website => keep them clicking until they just go away...  No chat bubbles to contact you with as your site states should be available in your 'Support Hub', no doubt due to the plethora of issues like the ones above and people desperately trying to contact you...  So I tried your next suggestion:  "...private message us via Facebook or Twitter" -- I do not have a facebook account - yeah, imagine that!  But I do have a Twitter account - so I try that.  Guess what -- @fizzmobile cannot be messaged!!!!  Is that even your guys' account - I dunno because that info is knowhere to be found on your know, like a little Twitter icon...  Perfect run-around!!  So that leaves this interface - the Emergency Complaint page - it's actually my only option to let you know that I did not receive that which I have paid for...  I tried joining FIZZ last year:  you billed me for two SIMs even though I only ordered one (you did eventually credit my VISA, thanks), but the one card also never arrived!!!  I had it sent to my home address but it never got there.  So this time I sent it to my business address - again, some how it was sent to the adjacent business (City of Ottawa @ 110 Iber Road) -- I spoke with them and they received nothing - certainly not on the 9th as it was Sunday and the business is closed and they do not have a mail-slot...   My business address is ****- please resend the ordered SIM cards to this address.  Thank-you.



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Hello Taylor,

I am sorry to hear you have been having trouble getting your SIM card. I checked your account and I noticed a solution was already brought to you.

Have a nice day! -Erika

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You should not put your personal infos on a public forum..

You can contact Fizz by visiting this link, go down on the page and wait for a green chat bubble to appear (during business hours)