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When will upper management prioritize SMS service?

This is a rant. Please add here your comments if you need SMS to work properly!

Software development costs money. SMS do not generate the revenue it generated before. But nowadays it is an essential part of 2Factor authentication so we can use a multitude of websites, and 6 digit short code Northamerica wide must work as we sometimes rely on lots of amercian companies that do not send texts as normal local ten digit numbers.

This generates a lot out outrage. See for example this is known for 7 months already:


This is the #2 issue fizz has. The #1 is network wide outages, that are probably due to the smaller engineering team that fizz has and the processed not yet fully established, coupled with the need to interate fast.

However, different than #1, SMS is a persistent reliability issue as in the way it is now, some 2Factor don't work at all, some work, and you cannot know which reliably so you don't know if you're receiving something or not  (SMS is like email as in the protocol don't support delivery confirmation like for example 'whatsapp two blue ticks' .

So why doesn't upper management put money and engineers on fixing this AS A PRIORITY? Its an important investment as faling to do so can make a lot of people leave and make some people not come to the network as bad word of mouth spreads. The loss of expected revenue must be bigger than deploying Videotron's native solution on fizz software backend.



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Hello Joao,

I really understand the need to have this service working properly. I can assure you that here at Fizz we really appreciate that our customers have the will to endure this long process and we are working every day to step further into this.

Thank you all for everything!

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