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Do I have to cancel with fido??

Hi guys, so i successfully transferred my number from Fido To FIzz. Now that I'm with Fizz do i have to notify/call/ cancel anything with Fido? Is Fido still gonna charge me? What should i do? Thanks guys.

In other words, if your service was prepaid you done with them. There is nothing to do on your part.
For postpaid services, you will get your next and last bill as usual, then that's it.

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If you do not have any penalty and if you pay in advance, you are supposed to receive a reimbursement.
And if you go to your fido account, you should be notified that your account is closed.

I did not cancel Fido the transfer took carde of everything, I was on a prepaid account, paid in advance. I also got a call from the retention department.