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Why can't I use my 60 minutes & receive calls?

Looks like I still have 60 minutes on my plan, I can't call anyone and I can't receive any calls either.

Laura Di Costanzo
Laura Di Costanzo

Laura Di Costanzo

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Did you use it?
For data they have a problem showing the right count to the user.
I do not know if they have the same problem with the minutes.

@Aliison you are right, this is my usage for the international call. I believe that should look the same. Usually I do not post to say that someone has the right answer. But in this case Allison has the right answer!!!

My son's account shows the number of minutes left, so the display is showing that you used all of the 60 minutes. You can always buy another add-on.

BTW, you phone number is showing in the attachment. You should probably black it out.

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