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With reference to the April 12, 2019 deadline to retain Introductory prices what is the definition of "Subscribe"?

If I open a new Fizz account before April 12, 2019 but my SIM card is only delivered and activated after April 12, 2019 will I be considered to have "subscribed" to Fizz before or after April 12, 2019?



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Hello ,

You will only be considered to have subscribed to Fizz if you are activating your SIM card and make a mobile plan before April 12, 2019 .

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Marius Daniel

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Anybody can open an account with Fizz at least to join the forum. However, you become a subscriber when you successfully activate your sim card.

Doesn't make any difference. You will pay full price and they will randomly provide you a kind of service. This is why they call it fuzzy... sorry, fizz