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Everyone still having problems with data usage displaying?

It’s been a couple days, and my data hasn’t gone down despite the fact that I’ve been streaming Spotify quite a bit. I’ve seen a few people have this problem; is this still an issue for anyone else?

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Yes. All of us, or at least most of the users, have the same probleme since the last outage. You should look at your cellphone stats instead of Fizz.



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This is extra bonus from Fizz for last interruption.Free data for 10 days.Enjoy!

Since April 2 outage, the data usage display isn't updating online. It will fix itself at your next plan renewal. Mine is working now.


@Irene: The previous billing cycle is unchanged, no data consumed April 2 and onwards. And it looks like all data consumed last few days were lumped into Day 1 of current new billing cycle.