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Weak wifi signal?

Hi there!

Just received my new wifi modems and I'm realizing that the wifi strength is weaker than expected. The modem is in my leaving room and if I move to my room (same floor, 15m down the hallway) I loose up to 2 bars of strength.

I have a Google pixel 2 and use to use my downstair neighbor's wifi previously without too much issue. The signal is shown as "acceptable" when I check on my phone.

Any of you having similar disappointing wifi strength?




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You may have 2 wifi networks available. One that has a 5Ghz signal which is better/clearer/faster if you are next to your wifi transmitter. And one that has a 2.4Ghz signal which is better/clearer/faster is your are far from your wifi signal or if there are some obstacles (like walls) between your phone and your wifi transmitter.

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