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Latin America Travel Add on (my comments)?

I recently traveled to Mexico for a week and bought the $5 travel add on (Data only) for Latin America.

I want to comment that in general the service seem OK and works. There were 3 networks that I was generally connecting to. AT&T, TELCEL and some "Pegasus Communication services..". Just to report that while at the resort and automatically connecting to AT&T the data never worked. It registered with 3G and 4G/LTE networks and it never connected anywhere.

TELCEL and that other "Pegasus" network seemed to work when on 4G. When on 2G i was getting timeouts and other sorts of "could not connect" errors.

I had 0 issues while at the airport using the data. 0 data issues while in city of Cozumel. Though I wasn't really checking who I was connected to.

Anyways, just wanted Fizz to check on AT&T in mexico to make sure there are no issues so that others don't get into the same frustrating situation of having a connection but it doesn't work.



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Hi Andy,

Thank you for your feedback, we really appreciate it. We will verify it further and please rest assure that we're working around the clock to improve our services.

Have a great day!


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In my case, traveled to Mexico in December, I was only able to get data working on At&t. All other operators did not work. On At&t got 3G only, connection was stable, however was definitely throttled. Speedtest showed way below 3G speed.