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Anyone find Fizz rewards a bit underwhelming ?

Compared to Public Mobile, 1 referral nets both you and the new user 25$ (the same as Fizz), you get 1$ off your monthly bill every month as long as the other user is active, and you get 2$ off your plan with self-serve.
Their 1gb, unlimited talk & text plan for 23$ (25$ - 2$ with self serve) is gaining a LOT of attention among my friends and in the forums. I just wonder how Fizz will stay competitive once the beta prices end.
Public Mobile doesn't have a call center just like Fizz, they are to Telus what Fizz is to Videotron, and they rely a lot on forums and community participation. With enough participation, you can reduce your monthly bill by up to 20$.
Does anyone feel like rewards / leveling program with Fizz should be more ? Especially since beta is about to end ? It feels like it takes forever to level up, and paying bills don't actually net you anything.
I know Public Mobile uses 3G speed (3mbps), but that's usually enough for normal regular use. They also get access to Telus LTE network.
I love Fizz and want them to stay competitive, but with a concurent like Public Mobile, how can Fizz survive post beta ?

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It used to be easier to level up, but they didn't like that people were reaching levels faster than they expected, so they changed the points system.
The bonus data and rollover are huge advantages of Fizz over public mobile, but I do agree that Fizz will become much less attractive if their post-launch prices are signficantly higher than public mobile's current offerings.



User level
5000 / 5000

For certain levels there are no reward designated at the moment. Maybe there won't be who knows.