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Canada coverage plan?

I have a canada coverage plan. Im from quebec and when calling from ottawa the system advises me that its a long distance call. Will i be billed LD charges ? Or is it simply a automated message that i should ignore?



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You won't be billed. You just need to put a 1 in front of the number. If you try to make a phone call that is not in your area eg. to the US on a Canada plan, it will either use money from your Fizz wallet, or it will not go through. Fizz is entirely prepaid, so no chance of an unhappy surprise bill at the end of the month.

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It normal you should dial a 1 before the number the message will not show up.
you will also not be charged even if you get this message. it is just a general message.

Yes it's normal. Was doing the same with my previous provider. If you call outside your coverage and not having add-ons or coverage, it will simply not work.

If you really wan't to be sure to don't call outside your coverage, go to your account, under my plans. Click on Manage my plan, then advanced parameters. And make sure "Block outgoing international calls on this plan" is on.